State certified


Yesterday I completed the Home Health Care training class. So now I’m a state certified home care giver & could go and get a 20 per hr job in the healthcare industry. But am going to have to fight to get any state compensation so I can stay home and take care of my own. How ironic


Toilet seat dilemma

Here’s an issue I never though of and believe it not a problem easily fixed at my local big box store. Turns out a big issue for the elderly (especially those with macular degeneration) is bathrooms tend to be brightly lit and most of the time, white (Mom’s bathroom falls into this simple over sight in my case in order to help with cleaning/habit; she always had white bathrooms – thinking it’s a Marine thing) there fore blurring the lines between floor, toilet & seat. Which in elderly men can add to the frustrations of normal everyday activities (or at least a good excuse;)) leading to peeing in the sink. In women helps with unneeded stress and accidents as well. Easy right… nope


Watch “Walking with Mom” Vlog post on YouTube


Hi all, been awhile but wanted to share Walking with Mom:


Hydro heat test


Had to paint the clear tub to stop algae of coarse but this time thought I’d go silver instead of black.  To help reflect the heat instead of absorbing it to hopefully help reduce the water’s heat factor
Had a bright idea and added Mylar to the lid to both reflect heat & bounce some light up. Wish me luck
More to come…

Hydro experimentation redux


Ok so the melon experiment turned negative & the attempt to clone the torn of plenty failed so trying again with a cpl pepper plants and a Blackcherry tomato. Shot still so will do a more in-depth posting and maybe a video.  More to come…

Imagine that another setback

Hi all and sorry to have seemingly disappeared just after vowing to ramp up production. Well tried to stop Mom’s cat from shooting out the front door ( since moving her down I’ve done all I could to make him an in door cat) and to keep it short, broke or significantly sprained or torn something


since it’s taken to now to use my hand enough to even care about posting even this update. Since thou wanting to curl up & get better still had to help Mom and even managed to put up railings in her room to help her get around. But that’s a different post. Will have New content on the YouTube ch as well as more posting very soon. 
Anyway that’s my update for now. Please stay tuned

Micro Movie Model explained

If you have seen any of my short pieces on YouTube or read some of my twitter posts you might have noticed I often mention or refer to Micro Movies and or Digital Bytes. Simply said it’s a recategorizing, redefining or a rebranding (to use the business buzz word) of the term short  for the new delivery system available (new meaning enough people with fast enough internet connections to allow uninterrupted viewing of video media) and of coarse shortening attention spans. The old definition of “the short” in our world was as a student film or an example of a movie concept, scene or taste of a directors/writers idea. Digital Bytes and Micro Movies are capsulized pieces in the form of a scene or couple scenes to form a full idea or moment in time. Resulting in break time movies, waiting room movies, stuck in line movies I.E the Micro Movie or as described by the Orlando Green Room as a filmmakers version of a one liner (in the case of the Digital Byte).
This is not just a re-branding for personal interest but and important shift as I see it #imho scents just from a festive stand point a 1:30 piece has little chance again a 30 minute or in most case up to an hour long piece before moved from the short category to the feature. Other than festivals designed for shorter form content (and then there still is little time break down in most cases) most festivals short categories goes from 0 to 60 minutes. But as more shift to the net for their viewing pleasure there will be more shorter form content whether entertainment, information or ad and the categories will have to reorganize, redefine and re-describe the content offering.  If these are recognized in their new form/format they can be taken as serious entertainment & advertisement vehicles making them equally monetizable giving true independence to the Indy media creator
The breakdown as I see it;
* Digital Byte = 0 to 3 minutes
* Micro Movie = 3 minutes to 12 to 15 minutes
* Short Form Feature = 15 minutes to 1 hour
* Feature = 1 hour up
Example of a byte “Hellraiser Lost Budget
Example of a Micro “The 9”

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